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Revlon Cosmetics Colorburst Balms – Review!

Good evening my lovelies! Today I bring you the review of one of my absolute favourite lip products, the Revlon Cosmetics Colorburst Balms! I own four of them in total and ever since I got my first one they have quickly become my go to lip products! The Colorburst Balms come in two different versions, Matte and Laquer.… Continue reading Revlon Cosmetics Colorburst Balms – Review!

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Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan – First Time Self Tanning Review and Results!

Hello my lovelies! It has been raining for several days straight here in Umeå so when I woke up this morning I realized I needed something to remind me that it’s actually summer. This resulted in me finally being brave enough to try self tanning for the first time ever! Having heard amazing things about it, I… Continue reading Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan – First Time Self Tanning Review and Results!

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The Beauty Blogger Tag!

Hi there lovely! I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are! Today is a huge day for me because I got nominated by the lovely A Girl Recommends to participate in the Beauty Blogger Tag! This is the first tag I have ever been nominated for so I couldn’t keep myself from participating straight… Continue reading The Beauty Blogger Tag!

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Small Announcement – The Balm Eyeshadow Palettes!

Hi again lovelies! As I mentioned in my earlier post this evening I had a small announcement to make in regards to what some of the posts in the nearby future will be about. I was way too ecstatic to keep this for myself when I saw that these beauties had finally arrived in the mail! The… Continue reading Small Announcement – The Balm Eyeshadow Palettes!

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Real Techniques Brushes – Brand Review!

Good evening my lovelies! Tonight I wanted to share my very first brand review with all of you! Now this may come as a surprise seeing as I am such a huge makeup fanatic, but I’ve never really had any focus on the brushes I used until about a year ago. And once I actually… Continue reading Real Techniques Brushes – Brand Review!

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Short Hiatus – Finally back to blogging!

Hi my lovelies! I’m terribly sorry for going on a short hiatus out of nowhere last week. Me and my boyfriend were moving to a new apartment and while I thought I was prepared to keep my regular posting schedule, life simply got in the way. It’s been a crazy couple of days but we’ve… Continue reading Short Hiatus – Finally back to blogging!

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Raw and Vegan Lipbalms – Hurrah for HURRAW!

Hi there lovely! So, me and my boyfriend are moving this weekend and it’s complete chaos at home, which means basically no time for makeup. One product that have been with me in my back pocket during this entire moving process is what inspired this post and what we’re talking about today! I am so… Continue reading Raw and Vegan Lipbalms – Hurrah for HURRAW!