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Small Lagerhaus Haul + Organizing my Makeup Room

Hello my lovelies! Hopefully the week has been treating you well so far! My week has been amazing and today I finally took the time to redecorate my makeup room and office space. It’s a really small room but it fits everything necessary for me to use it as a work space and it’s absolutely… Continue reading Small Lagerhaus Haul + Organizing my Makeup Room

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Short Hiatus – Finally back to blogging!

Hi my lovelies! I’m terribly sorry for going on a short hiatus out of nowhere last week. Me and my boyfriend were moving to a new apartment and while I thought I was prepared to keep my regular posting schedule, life simply got in the way. It’s been a crazy couple of days but we’ve… Continue reading Short Hiatus – Finally back to blogging!

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1 Hour After Work Haul!

Good Evening my lovelies! I know I am posting so many hauls lately but tonight’s post was just way too much fun to pass up! As some of you may know, I work a lot. Like right now I am going approximately 4-5 weeks without a full day off. This means that actually taking the… Continue reading 1 Hour After Work Haul!

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Sephora Mini Haul

Hey Lovely! I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday wherever you are! Seeing at is is my first Saturday off in two weeks, I finally finally finally have the time to unpack all the stuff I got from Sephora during my trip to Stockholm about two weeks ago. Now I made a promise to myself… Continue reading Sephora Mini Haul

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How to: Do a Hot Oil Treatment

Hi Lovelies! Tonight I’m posting my first “How-to”. This series of posts are meant to become sort of like a tutorial tag where I’ll share some styling tips and tricks, hair treatments and othr general tutorials. Seeing as it is the first post of this kind I thought it appropriate to do a tutorial on… Continue reading How to: Do a Hot Oil Treatment

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Maria Nila Afterwork Event – Goodiebag Reveal!

Hi Lovelies! So, yesterday was a true adventure! I got to spend the entire evening at a wonderful Afterwork Event hosted by the truly amazing company Maria Nila. For those of you not familiar with Maria Nila it’s a Swedish Brand that started as and to this day operates as a family business. Their products are 100 %… Continue reading Maria Nila Afterwork Event – Goodiebag Reveal!