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A New Year, A New Me!

Hi my lovelies, happy 2017!

I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one happily waving goodbye to last year. Though I must admit, as exhausting as 2016 was it was also a year of learning, at least for me.

This past year I’ve learnt my lessons the hard way, cried more than I thought humanly possible and experienced so much anxiety I at times didn’t know how to handle it.

I left this blog in June 2016, not because I wanted to but simply because it became to much for me. Apart from juggling two jobs and working far more than full-time and experiencing stress in my personal life, I started putting too much pressure on myself with this blog. I wanted it to succeed and do well so bad that in the end it became a must rather than something I enjoyed.

But I’m back with a whole new outlook on life!

2017 is my year of rebooting and promoting health, both mental and physical. It will be a year without “have-tos” and “should-haves”, focusing on the good things in life and rediscovering where your happiness lies. So here comes a small list, not of resolutions but rather what I hope to achieve during this following year.

  1. Love Yourself More.
    I’ve always struggled with my self-image and being confident. I constantly put pressure on myself to be and look a certain way. This year I will do my absolute best to put all of those unnecessary standards behind me and embrace what and who I am and realize that just being me is unarguably enough regardless of the situation.
  2. Do Only Things That You Love.
    During this year I have lost so much when it comes to doing what I love. I lost the will to do just about anything and I didn’t find any enjoyment in things I used to be able to spend hours doing.
  3. Be Here Now.
    I will do my best to leave all worry and anxiety behind and just be in the moment more often. There’s no use crying over spilled milk just like there’s no reason to worry about things yet to come. Everything will work out for the best.

And what of this blog you might wonder?

I will start blogging again while making sure it doesn’t get out of hand like last time, which means not posting as often as before, but focusing more on quality and the content of my posts. Beauty is still one of my number one interests and I am looking forward to sharing more reviews of products I’ve tried and tell you about all my new favourite products!
I will also be sharing more recipes, since cooking is probably my second largest passion. And lastly, like I mentioned earlier, I want to focus on wellness this year and I hope that me sharing my personal experiences in things can help inspire other people. So expect more personal posts, honest opinions on mental awareness and health and a huge dose of positivity!

Hopefully those of you who were faithful readers during my last round of blogging will feel my life worth following this time as well and to any  new arrivals: Welcome, make yourself at home!

And finally, remember to embrace and be proud of how lovely you are.




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