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The DO’s and DON’ts of Midsummer Fashion!

Hey my lovelies!

Today I was home sick from work with an awful migraine and as such couldn’t get out of bed until late afternoon. Still being was too exhausted to do anything as an after effect of my migraine I opened upp the Polyvore app on my phone.

Now I don’t know about you but I can get lost for hours on Polyvore and seeing as it’s soon to be Midsummer’s Eve here in Sweden I put together some gorgeous sets of fashion items as well as a list of the DO’s and DONT’s of Midsummer Fashion.


Let’s start off with the actual outfit itself. This set is a complete representation of me and my personal style. I love florals, lace and soft pastels! Not only that but it is absolutely perfect for Midsummer!

Adapting your outfit based on your plans is extremely important but generally I would say no mini skirts and nothing too tight! Keep it light and flowy to make sure you’ll be comfortable and able to move around freely.

Items in this set: OASIS Embroidered Poppy SkirtMiss Selfridge Floral Emroidered Denim Short, Ariana Grande For Lipsy Co-Ord Broderie BraletBailey 44 Blush Shrubbery Skirt, Oh My Love Lace Skater Mini Dress, New Look Blue Floral Print Crop Top


When it comes to what shoes to wear, being comfortable is absolutely key. You’re most likely going to be on your feet a lot and don’t want your feet hurting to be the thing that slows you down. I got carried away like crazy here and not every single shoe in this set is for someone on a budget but when it comes to fashion you’re allowed to dream and wish for the unachievable!

Overall I would go for either a cute flat or if you want some height then make sure you go for a chunky heel which will make walking on grass far less treacherous!

Items in this set: Wide Fit Blue Suedette Cross Strap Block Heels, Miu Miu Ruffled Patent SandalSuede Platform Heel, Rupert Sanderson Flat Sandals Fleur, Steve Madden Carrson Blush Ankle Strap Heels


Last but definitely not least is the flower garland! A couple of years ago every single girl un Sweden went to their local florist to get a custom garland, last year we made our own by picking wildflowers but this year it’s all about the less expensive and far more practical flower headbands. These have been a summer fashion staple for a couple of years now and are available in so many different shapes and sizes. Here are some of my personal favourites!

Items in this set: Flower Wreath Headband from Ever FairyFlower Crown Headband, Hairband with Flowers


I know this post won’t apply to everyone seeing as not everyone celebrates Midsummer but if nothing else I hope you enjoyed getting to see some more of my personal style as well as getting some nice summer fashion inspiration!

Thank you so so much for reading lovelies!


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