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Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan – First Time Self Tanning Review and Results!

Hello my lovelies!

It has been raining for several days straight here in Umeå so when I woke up this morning I realized I needed something to remind me that it’s actually summer. This resulted in me finally being brave enough to try self tanning for the first time ever!

Having heard amazing things about it, I decided to try out the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan and I am super excited to be reviewing this product for you!


First thing you need to know about me is that I am pale, pasty, ghostly white and basically see through, my legs more so than any other part of my body.

Because of this and seeing as it is my first time ever using any kind of self tan I thought doing only my legs was a good place to start.

When reading up on this product I found out that 3 items were essential when using self tan in order to get a satisfactory result.


The first thing was a good exfoliating scrub that did not contain any typ of oil simpy because that would block the tan from properly adhering to your skin.

I decided to simply go with the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff 3in1 Body Scrub. I figured that the brand itself should have a scrub that meets all the requirements and makes for as good a result as possible.

First off I am super impressed by the scrub as a product on it’s own! I was really suprised by the colour as it is bright pink and the smell is a bit peculiar, but not in any way bad. What I love about though is the grains and simply the feel of the scrub. I’ve always had trouble finding a body scrub that’s rough enough for me to feel satisfied but this one will no doubt have a permanent place in my shower from now on!


Apart from the scrub I also made sure to get the Cocoa Brown Pink Tanning Mitt and naturally the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan.
There is both a regular version and a dark version of the 1 hour tan. Me being as pale as I am I didn’t dare get the dark one but if you are of a medium skin tone or simply want a really noticeable tan then the dark one will probably be the better choice for you.


The tanning product itself is in mousse form and I was so nervous about application. The process was surprisingly simple however and the application mitt was really amazing at getting the product to apply evenly.

I did one leg at a time simply to be able to show you the result and I decided to leave it on for only 1 hour simply because I wanted a really natural result that didn’t differ that much from the rest of my body, simply because I dind’t feel like applying fake tan all over. You can however leave it for up to 3 hours and I’ve even heard of some people who leave it on until the next time they shower.


So this is my before and after shot, the left one is before and on the right photo I’ve done my left leg for one hour. The result shows up a lot better in real life, trust me. Rain outside equals terrible lighting for taking pictures but in real life you can definitely see a difference.

Overall I am so satisfied with the result. Leaving it on for only one hour didn’t make a huge difference but it was exactly what I was after and my legs just have a really nice healthy glow to them. The mousse smells incredible and makes your skin feel so smooth after rinsing it off. It was als surprisingly easy to apply and despite me never having done this before it turned out really even.

I will definitely be using it again!


As always thank you so much for reading and for all of your support! I love all of you and wish you the absolute best!


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