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Real Techniques Brushes – Brand Review!

Good evening my lovelies!

Tonight I wanted to share my very first brand review with all of you!

Now this may come as a surprise seeing as I am such a huge makeup fanatic, but I’ve never really had any focus on the brushes I used until about a year ago. And once I actually started caring about the brushes I used, Real Techniques was the brand I was probably the most curious about.

First of all I absolutely love the design and colours of all their brushes! I am just naturally drawn to anything colourful and pretty so seeing these gorgeous brushes make my day every single morning.

Secondly I am so impressed with these brushes and what a difference they do to really give your makeup that little extra. They all feel very high quality and have a more compact and dense feel than a lot of other brushes I’ve tried.

My collection of Real Techniques Brushes isn’t huge but I wanted to share my thoughts on the brushes I do own and have used for some time.


Real Techniques Tapered Blush – This is me personified in a brush and it was the first ever brush I fell in love with from Real Techniques! First of all it is absolutely gorgeous and the feel of all the Bold Metal Collection brushes are really luxurious. It’s a very dense brush and I personally prefer using it for either blush or contour but I know some people who also use it for highlighting. It’s an amazing brush and definitely worth the high price!

Real Techniques Arched Powder – This is the only brush that I have found isn’t sold separately from the Bold Metals Collection. It is part of the Real Tecniques Holiday Essentials Kit  and I am so happy I made sure to get this kit because this brush is divine! I first used it as a contour brush but I find it way too big for it and not quite dense enough as I like my contour really noticeable. However it is perfect as a finishing brush because of how soft it is! Absolutely love this brush!

Real Techniques Oval Shadow – This is probably my least favourite of the brushes in the Holiday Essentials Kit, not because it’s bad but I just find it too big to use as an eyeshadow brush. I might sometime use it to apply a base shadow over my eyelid, but any precisio work is lost with this brush though. I really love to apply highlighter with it though and that is usually what I use it for.


Real Techniques Starter Set – This set includes every single brush you need to do your eye makeup and is truly called a starter set for a reason. It contains a base shadow brush and a crease brush, both are perfect for laying a nice blended base across your eyelid. An accent brush to either press your accent shadow onto your lid or highlight inner corner, really small and precise. A really fine tipped eyeliner brush that’s amazing to use with a gel liner. And last but not least you also get an angled brow brush that I absolutely love! These are my absolute favourite brushes to apply eyeshadow with and such a great investment regardless if you use eyeshadow every single day or just once in a while.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – This is the latest edition to my collection and has quickly become my everyday brush that I go to for contouring. I really like the dense feel of this brush and being able to really work in the product to get that blended result. Overall such an amazing brush and I can see how this is one of their best sellers!


That was it for tonight’s post my lovelies!

As a final note, keep on the lookout for a small announcement post later tonight. I just received a package with products that I am so so excited to share and review with all of you that I simply have to give you all a sneak peak of what’s to come!

As always thank you so so much for reading and for all your sweet words of encouragement! Hugs and kisses to you all!



11 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes – Brand Review!

  1. I love real techniques brushes! I only have one for highlighting and contouring but I really want to get more! I think i use that brush more than most of my other brushes 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I haven’t tried that many of the face brushes from their regular collection but so far all the brushes I’ve tried from them have their own charm and I will definitely get more! 😁

      Thank you so much for reading! 💕


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