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1 Hour After Work Haul!

Good Evening my lovelies!

I know I am posting so many hauls lately but tonight’s post was just way too much fun to pass up!
As some of you may know, I work a lot. Like right now I am going approximately 4-5 weeks without a full day off. This means that actually taking the time to walk around a mall and get some shopping on is a rare occurence unless I absolutely have to. Thank god for shopping online being a thing!

Tonight however my shift at work ended one whole hour before the mall closed so I took the chance to do a: 1 Hour After Work Haul!


When going home I was even quite impressed with myself with how much I was able to get in just one hour so I wanted to share it all with you!

First and most important item was to go visit the flower shop and get a bouquet of pink roses. I don’t want to give it all away, but they’re and important part of tomorrow’s post which will be my first ever recipe post on the blog!

After this I passed by H&M and couldn’t help but enter. I hade seen a couple of clothing items that were on sale when passing through the store earlier and thought I’d try them on.


First item I had checked out earlier was this absolutely adorable shirt from H&M’s Divided section. I absolutely adore floral patterns and I fell in love with the light material of the shirt as well as the really vibrand colour of the roses.
I have to wear black pants when at work so I usually just wear black pants even when going to work so I don’t have to change my entire outfit. Ultimately I just thought this item perfect to wear tucked in a pair of black pants during summer!


Next clothing item that just caught my eye was this dress. It such a simple and cute dress that’s simple to throw on when just going out on a day off. This dress alone I feel will be too cold to wear on it’s own during summer but will be really easy to pair with any regular cardigan. I know it probably sounds weird saying that it’ll be too cold to wear a siple dress during summer but I live in the northern parts of Sweden and I get cold really easily. I really really fell in love with this dress! You can find this dress on H&M Online by following this link!


Passing by the accessories section I saw these absolutely adorable set of rings! There are five rings in total, three are with seashell designs and two are adorned with small pearls. They were just so dainty and cute and just made me think of summer and mermaids. I couldn’t help but get them as well!


Last item from H&M is from the home section and it’s one of their scented candles. I first noticed the design simply because when it comes to home decor I am a huge fan of marble designs! The candle itself is in the scent Peony and it has a really sweet and floral scent but is defintely discreet enough to get boyfriend approval. It’s just so gorgeous and smells really lovely, two thumbs up! You can find the candle by following this link!


Next shop I ran by was The Body Shop because my skin has been getting some minor breakouts this past week because of stress and I just really like their line of Tea Tree products. Is anyone else in love with the scent of tea tree or is it just me?
This products is their Skin Clearing Facial WashIt can be drying for people with really dry skin, so make sure your moisturize properly after using this cleanser. Also make sure to be careful with using it around your eye area if you’re sensitive! But overall a really wonderful cleanser!


A quick and perhaps quite lame item I got was this hair clamp from a Swedish store called Glitter which is a really great accessories store. I have so many of these hair clamps that it’s almost ridiculous!
It’s not that they’re overly pretty or anything but they are simply so simple and easy to use in order to get your hair up and out of your way.


And last but definitely not least is two new kinds of tea from one of my favourite tea brands. These two are from the brand Pukka and they make all kinds of organic teas and other kinds of supplements. It’s such a wonderful brand with good ethics and amazing teas so if these are available in your neighbourhood or country, please give them a try!
One of  the flavours I got was Womankind which contains hibiscus, cranberry and rose. And the other one was Supreme Matcha Green which they call the superhero of green teas! I’m so excited to try these flavours!

And there we go! Those are the items I was able to aquire in just one hour! Overall I’m super happy with the purchases and the fact that I actually had some time over to get some shopping done!

Thank you so much for reading as always and if you’re curious about any of the items, feel free to comment down below!


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