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Let’s talk about: Volume!


Good evening Lovelies!

Tonight we’re going to talk about volume. At least here in Sweden it’s something everyone wants and have a hard time achieving, I’m not joking when I say the most asked question is: I want volume, what products should I use?

Now I’m blessed (or cursed) with a lot of natural volume so I seldom feel the need for products focusing on building volume, however I have a couple favourites of both mine and my customers as well as some general advice depending on hair type and what kind of volume you’d like to achieve.


Let’s start with an oldie but goodie, mousse!
Volume mousse have become less and less popular until making a comeback quite recently. I personally love using mousses to create volume but seeing as my hair is in a natural state of constant floof, I only use it when I want that real Va-Va-Voom volume.

M0usse are for the most case heat-activated and best used with a hairdryer and a round brush. So if you use a hairdryer when styling your hair and are looking for a soft, natural and voluminous look.

Two of my favourite mousses are:

Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose MousseI recommend this mostly for people looking for a soft and shiny look. It’s also suitable for people who have hair that’s on the thinner side because it won’t give a huge amount of texture but simply makes your hair swell to create volume. Be careful not to use it too close to your roots though because it is part of their Oil Wonders line of products and might make your scalp oily. And as a side not; it smells absolutely divine!

Moroccanoil Volumizing MousseNow this one is extreme. It’s honestly the best volumizing mousse I have ever tried and I have no idea what makes it so amazing. My theory though is that Morroccan oil is one of those brands made with thick, curly hair in mind and so in order to create volume in those types of hair, you need something that will really amp it up and create a strong hold and texture. I would not recommend this for people with fine, short hair, it’ll just make your hair stand up straight. But for those with longer hair it’s amazing, so give it a try!



Hairspray is the most sold styling product all over the world and hugely popular here in Sweden. For someone who uses hairspray to create volume, it doesn’t matter if your recommend them something that might actually work better for their hair, they’ll cling to that hairspray with their life.

Funnily enought, I’m not that big a fan. I love hairspray for setting up-dos or combing down those fine, short hairs to create a really sleek and polished look. But when it comes to creating volume I think it usually makes for a rather stiff and dry end result. I have however found one spray that I love to use near the roots of my hair just to give them a lift.

Maria Nila Style & Finish Spray I love this. I’ve mentioned it before in an Instagram post and in another blog post that this is one of my favourite styling products. I often use this in combination with Maria Nila Style & Finish Dry Shampoo the day after I do my hot oil treatment, just to help my hair get some volume and make it look fresh.



For this part I’m going to put two types of products in the same category, namely Texture. And the two products I feel are really worth mentioning are Dry shampoo and Salt water Spray. Both of these are products who have really started climbing the list of “Most popular styling products” and both of these products are amazing for creating texture.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo When it comes to Dry shampoos I often mention Maria Nilas Dry Shampoo but this one from Living Proof is also one of the best selling ones in store. The Living Proof one focuses a lot on making your hair clean and really get all that excess oil and dirt out, but it is also amazing at creating texture and building volume with. And for all of you dark haired beauties out there: Yes, this dry shampoo will work for you and it will not leave a white trace in your hair. Just make sure to brush it out properly.

Vision Ruff Salt Water Spray – Salt water spray has become really popular both among men and women these last couple of years to get that natural, beachy look. It may not give you the most amount of volume out of all the products mentioned, but it texturises your hair and is amazing to give shorter hairstyles that right amount of tousled look. This salt spray from Vision is a favourite of mine and a lot of my male customers love this as it has a really fresh, clean scent to it and it’s great to combine with any type of wax or paste.


And last but not least I have to give a shoutout to one of my very own styling staples.

Maria Nila Style & Finish Volume Spray I know I mentioned this as well in another blog post but it truly is one of my favourites and I love talking about it and recommending it. It is a really wet styling spray that you apply in towel dried hair before styling and it works to give you just the right amount of grip and texture in your hair to make it look voluminous and natural. And it smells sooo good, some times I apply it in dry hair simply for the smell alone. It won’t give you the most volume out of all the types of products that I’ve mentioned but it’s a great addition to any styling routine and if you haven’t tried it, please give it a shot!

And lastly, a picture of my favourite volume products



I know this was a super long post and it was mostly focused on products for women or based on the type of volume women often prefer. Let me know if you’d like a guide on different types of wax, pastes and gels for men and what I’ve found works the best for each style.

And thank you so much for sticking with it to the end of this post and reading it, take care lovelies!


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