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Glossybox Face On – April Box Opening!

Hello Lovelies!

So, today I (finally) bring you the opening of the April Box from Glossybox!

For those of you who don’t know what Glossybox is, it’s a subscription service where every month they send you a box of beauty products, some are samples and some are full size. It’s an amazing way to try out new products, discover new staples and experience new brands.

I’ve been so excited for this to arrive this entire month and let me tell you, it was so worth the wait and it’s such an amazing box of products!

The star of the show though is without a doubt: Benefit Cosmetics Dew the Hoola


Dew the Hoola is a liquid bronzer that’s perfect for giving you that natural sun-kissed glow. Now seeing as I am extremely pale, I’ve always had trouble using bronzers, liquid or powder. They always wind up looking too obvious and well, too much. As you can imagine, I didn’t have much hope for this product but decided I’d try it anyways. The result was amazing! Not only does it have a matte finish but it is so sheer and so blendable, it looked absolutely flawless. So, if you’re in the market for the perfect bronzer, look no further!

The next product I really liked from the box was the Good Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum from a brand called Hey Honey. I’m not all that familiar with the brand but after trying this serum I am definitely looking forward to trying more of their products! This Serum is a dream, seriously. It has such a light and luxurious feel to it, and looking to the list of ingredients I was pleasantly surprised to find that it contains both Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil and Honey extract. It soothed my skin extremely well and will no doubt be my go-to serum this summer.


Next was the Dermo Defence Skin Mask by Unani. Unani is a Spanish brand focusing on natural and organic cosmetic products. I’m real picky when it comes to my facial masks but this one was actually really nice. It is super moisturizing and it also contains Aloe Vera, so it’ll help calm down any redness and soothe your skin. For best results I would probably use this as an overnight treatment to make sure your skin gets enough time to truly absorb all that moisture. But it’s also wonderful as a quick way to refresh your skin by leaving it on for about ten minutes only before washing it off.

And last but not least, this months Glossybox contained Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Lack and Miracle Gel Top Coat. I’m not good at fixing my nails at home, let me just start by saying that. I have a hard time getting it to look even and I just rarely have the time to actually let it dry. Regardless I decided to give it a shot. What’s important to remember when using the Miracle Gel is that you need to combine whatever colour gel polish you choose with the Miracle Gel Top Coat in order for it to live up to it’s promises. There is no need for a UV-light or a LED-light to make it harden and it lats up to 14 days if done properly. Now seeing as my nailpolish usually starts to chip within a day of applying it, given the fact that the Miracle Gel combo has held up for two days without even peeling or chipping a little it’s definitely earned my approval!

So, that’s it for this month’s Glossybox. You can find where to buy all the products (if I’m able to find it) by clicking the name. Also make sure to check out the Glossybox website!



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